Hazemag Crusher Wear Parts

Hazemag impact crushers are ideal for processing limestone, dolomitic limestone, gypsum, and much more.  With machines that will fit your needs and customizable to to you operation, Hazemag puts you in control so you can produce the products you sell the most.  

At Spokane Industries, we provide aftermarket HSI wear parts for Hazemag Crushers in both standard chrome and our patented Si-Tec® ceramic technology to improve wear life, lower tonnage costs, and increase uptime and profits.  With blow bars, wear plates, and liners we provide the most advanced technology for your Hazemag Crusher.  

We offer products for 

Hazemag 1006
Hazemag 1010
Hazemag 1022
Hazemag 1313
Hazemag 1315
Hazemag 1513
Hazemag 1515
Hazemag 1515QL

For more information about these parts and more, find a dealer near you for the best parts,  service, and delivery. 

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