Mining Success Stories

Mining Success Stories

Si-Tec® Ceramic Bolt-On Wear Runners Increase Wear Life by 65%

Mining Ore Flow Chutes
Si-Tec® Ceramic Bolt-On Wear Runner

“Wear life for the wear runners improved by 65%, going from 17 days installed to 28 days” 


  • Mining chute that processes 100,000 tons per day
  • Operating 365 days a year
  • Average life of brand X is 17 days
  • Average rock size of 7.5 inches


  • Extend wear life of wear runners to decrease the number of shut downs for product wear


  • The Si-Tec®ceramic wear runners lasted 28 days (65% improvement), when they were changed due to a scheduled maintenance shut down
  • Provided additional wear life for other support liners
  • Longer wear life could reduce shut down frequencies

This facility has chosen to use Spokane Si-Tec® ceramic wear runners throughout this location due to the improved wear life