Si-Tec® Ceramic Feed Disk Increases Shoe Wear Life by 41%

2″ Minus Sand Stone
“Feed disk wear life improved 35%, while shoe wear life improved by 41%, with an increase of 1,469 tons produced”

Cemco 70
337-7143HS Feed Disk
337-7115HS Ceramic Shoe


  • 5 Shoe table using 337-7115HS Ceramic shoes
  • 130 Tons per hour using a closed circuit (recirculating load)
  • Average Feed Disk wear life of 53 hours from brand X using standard high chrome


  • Increase wear life of feed disk
  • Improve wear pattern of shoes through Si-Tec® Feed Disk 337-7143HS
  • Lower maintainance costs with fewer change outs


  • Increased feed disk wear life from 53 hours to 71.8 hours over brand X standard chrome (35% improvement)
  • Si-Tec® Feed Disk provided additional 18.8 hours wear life compared to Brand X
  • Additional 2,444 tons of product produced with no change outs

Value Delivered:

  • Increased ceramic shoe wear life from 27.5 hours to 38.8 hours using Si-Tec® ceramic feed disk (41% improvement)
  • Additional 11.3 hours run time on shoes
  • Additional 1,469 tons of product produced with one less set of shoes

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