Spokane Crusher Wear Parts

The Spokane Crusher is the result of the best technological advances and development in the crushing industry. The Spokane Crusher was designed to give you the best quality, serviceability, wear parts, and the best opportunity to for profitability.  

As the foundry of the original Spokane Crushers, Spokane Industries provides the original VSI wear parts in both standard chrome and our patented Si-Tec® ceramic technology to improve wear life, lower tonnage costs, and increase uptime and profits.  With Anvils, shoes, feed disks and table liners, we provide the most advanced technology for your Spokane Crusher. 

We offer products for 

Spokane 28
Spokane 52
Spokane 66
Spokane 72
Spokane 74
Spokane 82
Spokane 82C
Spokane 92
Spokane 120


For more information about these parts and more, find a dealer near you for the best parts,  service, and delivery. 

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